Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Knitting Goals!

Time to list forth the projected things I want to accomplish!  I'm feeling all ambitious this morning, can you tell?

1. Get WIPs down to 0.
This shouldn't take toooo long.  I hope.  I can only think of two right now, other than my New Year's cast on, which I might be able to finish today.  The others are socks, one of which I need to dye more yarn for.  Ooh, just thought of another one. Oh well, they will get done.

2. Repair stuff.
I've got several pairs of socks now that need darning, which will be new for me.  Also I'd like to lengthen the sleeves on this sweater.

3. Knit up all my sweater's worths of yarn.
This means um, four?  I think, yes, about four sweaters.  Shouldn't be too hard, except one of them is fingering weight, and I know from experience that those take a LONG time.

4.  Knit up all the ravelry patterns that I have bought.  I realized some time ago that there are about 21 individual patterns that I have bought and not knit.  That is awful.  It is so tempting to get patterns when they are on sale-but then sometimes I even for get that I have them!  This doesn't include collections either, like Pacific Knits and the Claire Ellen Sock Club.  Meeting this goal may not be very realistic, but I'm going to try.

5. Learn how to do twined knitting.
This is the one technique that I really want to get under my belt this year.  I love all the projects I've seen by Lene Alva where she makes something with twined knitting and then embroiders on it.  I'd love to try this.

And I think I'd better stop there.  Yes, I would love to get more socks done, and learn other things, but reality sets in.

What are your knitting goals for 2015?

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